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Gallery 600 Julia

Diego Larguia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and came to the United States in 1991. He studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, where he received numerous awards... More

New Orleans Landscapes : New Works by Diego Larguia.

One of the more romantic things about New Orleans is that it's a place where people come "to be themselves," which often means... More


Five years ago, when Diego Larguia and Kelly Sherman bought their Holy Cross house. It was “enter at your own risk.” Kelly had already seen the area and loved it... More

Creative Hub

At the start of Prospect.2, the avant-garde art exhibition that sprawled across New Orleans in the fall of 2012, Robert Tannen decided to create "art by committee." He invited fellow artists... More

Louisiana State of Mind Art Exhibit

Neff’s artistic twist granted him the power to produce passionate photos that told a story of families and homes in distress. Another artist whose work can be seen in the exhibit is Diego Larguia... More

Art studios open in the Lower 9th and St. Bernard for Saturday’s Down River Art Home Tour and Sale

Beyond the market, art will be on sale throughout the tour at the studios of Tannen, Diego Larguia, Bruce Davenport, Mitchell Gaudet, Erica Larkin Gaudet, Mary Jane Parker, Gary Oaks, Hayden Reilly and Colmenares... More